Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas to All

Christmas, 2007
resent December 6, 2011

Dear Jean and Marie-Christine and Friends,

It was a wonderful visit. Thank you. Please come back soon!

To all the Garapon’s and friends out there: yes, we did some really touristy things too. We did drive down the crooked street, Lombard. Marie Christine jumped out of the car and took a picture of Jean behind the wheel, driving the recommended speed – very slowly.

We didn’t go up to Coit Tower, Twin Peaks or see Beach Blanket Babylon, but we did visit the Mission of San Francisco d’Asis, our patron saint, and the mission cemetery with the roses just finishing their last bloom. That was lovely. I think that Marie-Christine took some pictures also.

We didn’t get to Chinatown, or eat dim sum, but we visited my favorite coffee shop, the Nervous Dog, down the hill from where I used to live on Winfield Street. This is a photograph of the street you drove each day to take me home. You only saw it once in daylight.
It is starting to get colder now, especially at night. The rains have not started which is of great concern for Californians. People are hanging Christmas lights, finishing their holiday shopping, going to office parties, and some even stagger home a little loaded. San Franciscans are known to enjoy the good life, and I hope that you got a feel of that. We did have several California wines and they are indeed quite respectable, even by French standards.
I am amazed that we did so much in 36 hours. It was not entirely at a leisurely pace, but, as I said in the first post, we were as much as possible flaneurs, allowing the experience to come to us. That is kind of zen. Oops, there I go, starting to talk Californian.
These posts are so much my reflections of our time together that I wonder if you will recognize your visit. I know that we each have a very unique experience, especially when encountering a new place. That is what makes traveling so wondrous. To share the experience with friends adds anther dimension. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide and see my adopted home, newly, through your eyes.
My Christmas will be a bit traditional, some parties with friends and extended family, some zen, and contemplation of the mystery of It All, and some liturgy to welcome Jesus born in our hearts. In my neighborhood He is called el Niño. I am ever so grateful to Him.
I wish all the Garapon’s, as well as all the friends who read my blog, a wonderful Christmas and an equally bright New Year. I found this wonderful card online, Merry Christmas from California. This is a rather idealized graphic of Mission Dolores in San Francisco with a reminder that California is home to orchards and gardens, even some that bloom throughout the year.

Be well. Blessings galore, my friends! You have planted seeds in me, a dream of doing "Le Tour de France" moi-même. Who wants to join me?

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Dino said...

Can I? :) MERRY CRISTMAS!! I think you really had a nice and wonderful experience be visited with your French friends. Is this a final article for this series of SF views? I hope to read more. and more lol