Thursday, July 23, 2009

Matthew Shepherd remembered

July 22, 2011

The right wing is willing to keep LGBT people in harm's way to make a political point.” (HRC website)

The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act passed. There will come a time when a needed protection and corrective measure does not have to be named for a victim of vicious homophobia. Take a look at the Yes and No votes and call your senator to thank them or chastise them. John McCain voted against the measure. Apparently the torture that Matthew suffered didn’t measure up to his personal standards.

I had no idea that the Senate was about to vote on the Matthew Sheperd Act during the Judiciary Committee hearings. The media apparently thinks that all posing, right wing sound bites, and left wing political correctness and ‘Justice’ Sotomayor’s responses were the only news that might interest anyone.

I think it’s high time to say enough is enough!

Today I noticed some well-dressed folks assembling on the sidewalk -- maybe a bit formal for street wear in my neighborhood, but not threatening or scary. They were listening to what sounded like a pep talk. Then I noticed that they were stuffing copies of “Awake” or “Watch Tower” in black leather carry bags. Ah, the Witnesses.

I stand by free speech. When the Witnesses ring my bell, I am always extremely courteous. I do not mention what I really think about the school of theologian/writers know as “J” in Hebrew Bible text studies -- they use “Jehovah” to point to the most powerful god. They were, as far as I can judge, self-serving nasty warmongers. But that was a few years ago. I don’t like what I saw of their influence in Michael Jackson’s life, but again these nice folks had nothing to do with that. So I say, “Thank you, not interested,” and close the door. There is no lying or deception.

Now let’s switch to Ms. Ex-governor Palin. In her rant, she said that others who resigned from high office were not held to the same standard that the liberal press, Democratic sleuths, whoever, holds her. She’s honorable and being harassed. Well, she is misinformed, or lying, or stretching the truth, or a patchwork of all of the above. She is the first to set aside the responsibilities of elected office for personal gain, and we’re letting her get away with it.

Politics and religion may be last refuge of scoundrels. Is it too much to ask that a public figure be informed, does not play to prejudice, and certainly acts in the interest of every citizen and not his or her own pocketbook? I have said politely, and with my vote, “Thank you, but definitely not interested.” But now this under-educated, nitwit is writing op ed pieces aimed at destroying or blocking a rational energy policy that is not just in my personal interest but, listening to near unanimity in the scientific world, in the interests of the health of our planet. It’s time to say, “Shut up. Had more than enough,” and her main man, Billy Kristol on Fox, tell him, “You are one stupid, self-serving low-life. Listening to you I have second thoughts about the First Amendment.”

It’s high time to take off the gloves.

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