Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Healthcare reform may actually be very simple

Another view from abroad

I have been talking with Australians, asking questions and listening to their reactions to the continuing debate over the overhaul of our healthcare system in the US.

As they become aware of what we pay for the services we receive, they, for the most part, are shocked. As they try to understand the debate, public options, death panels, the rationing scare, they are appalled at our greed. Companies charge exorbitant prices for services delivered by a shoddy system. Overstuffed, pampered Americans want the "Right" to a full body scan in a shopping mall so that they can feel good while there are lines of working people in emergency rooms who cannot afford basic coverage.

Australians have had their fair share of corruption with regards to government contracts and kickbacks—they are not naive. But the conversation has allowed me to look at the American situation with fresh eyes. There is far too much money floating around in the system, far too many loopholes. Fat pigs are making a mess of any rational reform so they can keep the money flowing.

It might be that simple, folks. Cut the pigs and their cronies out of the conversation. The simplest solution is usually one that cures.


carolesanford said...

Hey, Ken, I'm a friend of Maren Gra km; she keeps telling me to look you up on FB and become a friend because we share the same views; she just posted your web page on hers, so I hope we can be fb friends; if not, I know where to find you on the web. BTW, I introduced Maren and Steve Foreman a million years ago.

tellall said...

With the incredible loss in Massachusetts, it is time to look at health care again -- not only where the current attempt at reform went astray but where we are as a nation in our delusions about the quality care that is available here in the land of the free.