Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GLBT Weddings 6 years ago

On March 11, 2004, as a Buddhist minister, I officiated at one of the last ceremonies performed in San Francisco during the brief time when Mayor Gavin Newsome took the brave step of allowing and sanctioning same-gender marriage. Now seven years later, after the New York State Senate recognized GLBT marriages, I am posting the dedication that I used at the end of the ceremony to pray that all the obstacles to our expression of love as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people be removed.


When love appears and we witness it as we have done this afternoon, anything that stands in love's way is a cause of suffering. We pray that your life together may be free from suffering.

To the protectors of each moment
and to the benefactors who give us life,
we offer this ceremony in gratitude.

Broken things are now joined.
Where there was trouble, we can now find shelter.
Happiness is truly present.
We pass it on—

May the blessings of this ceremony brighten your lives,
Keith and Masahiro,
and those of all the other gay and lesbian couples
who have been married
here in San Francisco over these last weeks.

We send these blessings into
all worlds of darkness and light.
Let wisdom go to every corner of this city, our communities, and our nation.
Let people have joy in each other’s joy.

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