Friday, October 08, 2010

"Wherever two or more are gathered..there is politics (and sometimes sex)"

To honor all who work to prevent the spread of  HIV, and poke fun at those who oppose sane sex education--if the consequences weren't so deadly serious.

Imagine if manufacturers and retailers made condoms kept their slogans and jingles on the packet: Tesco (UK) condoms “Every little bit helps,” Nike “Just do it,” Peugeot “The Ride of Your Life,” KFC “Finger Lickin Good,” Duracell “Just keeps on going and going,” Pringles “Once You Pop, You Just Can’t stop,” Burger King “Home of the Whopper,” Andrex (UK) “soft, strong and very long,” MacDonalds “I’m lovin’ it,” and a favorite, Polo “The One with the Hole!"

Life does imitate reality. The sponsor of the US curling team in the Winter Olympics was “Harder Faster” condoms. Really. That's their logo.

Thanks Greg Nickson

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