Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Follow up to my post regarding Benedict and Williamson

Given Benedict's recent trip to Africa and continued refusal to endorse condoms to stem the spread of HIV, I think that we have to take off the gloves. Take on his privileged pulpit, bully, criminal, or just plain stupid--your choice.
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Pope: “Jesus Didn’t Die on the Cross”

by Jonathan David Farley posted on Tuesday, 17 March 2009

THE VATICAN (Reuters) —The Catholic world is in upheaval and confusion after an announcement today by Bishop Richard Williamson and Pope Benedict that Jesus, contrary to centuries of church doctrine, did not in fact die on the cross as was previously taught.
Said Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, papal spokesman: “The length and width of the cross was such that an average human being could not have supported himself for three hours in that position. Moreover, given our metallurgical analysis of nails used in Roman times, and the anatomical structure of the human hand, the tissue would have torn immediately upon raising the cross.”
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