Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bye bye Boom Boom, hello Sal? No way.

Another sighting! Can't get enough of this guy. Apparently Bish Sal Lovejoy is following the lead of Mitt--making himself more public in hopes of arousing devotion among fallen boys and men. Alas, though the high church leather gear is hot--stolen from a porn star if Photoshop memory serves me--too much to hope that he cut ties with the nasty homophobes in Rome.

Are you at all like me? I get pretty pissed when the pope in Rome tries to shove something down our throats. Archbishop Sal Lovejoy is more than your garden variety homophobe. He is a doctrinal straight arrow--uninteresting but dangerous. In bed with the Mormon gang of 12 to make sure that gay and lesbian relationships stay second rate.

His dreams of being pope, if he had them, went down the drain after his night in the drunk tank. Even if someone digs up more dirt before his ascent to the chair in Saint Mary of the Assumption on the feast of Saint Francis, he probably won't retire at an early age. But we could help him stay second rate. There might be a conversion of sorts, but I have abandoned all hope.